Single Review – First Aid Kit – Ruins

The title track of their album to be released on Friday (the 19th January), Ruins, drops as the soothing final hint at First Aid Kit’s fourth LP. Glimmering with guitar and soaring with simply gorgeous harmonies, the country-esque ballad deviates somewhat from the more upbeat It’s a Shame, but not too far, pretty much guaranteeing that the track list will flow beautifully. Ruins puts Klara and Johanna’s lush, folky vocals at centre stage, floating laxly on top of the soft and simplistic instrumentalism. Both almost haunting, but also strong and grounded, Ruins is a wonderful track.

Eleanor Chivers

Single Review – First Aid Kit – Postcard

After sharing details of their next full album ‘Ruins’ release, due January 19th 2018, First Aid Kit release new single ‘Postcard’. A slow tempo ghost of a country classic, with crisp warm slide guitar and the kind of rhythm that brings to mind rusted wheels rattling around on some canvas covered wagon. There might not be anything outrageously new about ‘Postcard’, not with it seeming straight out of a episode of little house on the prairie, but like a familiar blanket wrapped around you in a dust-bowl barn dance, lines like; ‘I went and broke my own goddamned heart,’ are enough to capture you under Klara and Johanna Söderberg’s enchanting spell once again. 

Hayley Miller