Sunday Suggestion – The Killers feat Lou Reed – Tranquilize

In 2007 and off the back of their second album Sam’s Town; The Killers wanted another song to add to their upcoming Sawdust release of a compilation of their B-sides. For Tranquilize they had the pleasure to work with Lou Reed and the resulting combination saw The Killers craft one of their most dark and coldest tracks in ‘Tranquilize’. The opening bass line almost creaks through the eerily whirring synths and straining riffs. Brandon Flower’s vocal enters in a slightly reassuring but uncertain fashion before being joined by the earthy growl of Lou Reed. The children’s choir vocals adds to the sense of unease as does the startling rapidity of the run up of the bridge section with the flashing synths and rising strings. By this point Flower’s sails his vocal as high as his range allows before it ends in a calm and sedated manner with Reed’s outro. A great song and for it’s one their best. An interesting collaboration that worked.