Single Review – Paul Smith & Peter Brewis – Exiting Hyde Park Towers

Two key leading lights of North East music have come together to create an album titled Frozen by Sight which will be out on November 17th. These two leading lights in collaboration are Maximo Park frontman Paul Smith (A Tynesider via Teesside) and Peter Brewis of Field Music (A man of Wearside) and their album is to be centred around Smith’s travel writing and Brewis’ chamber orchestra arrangements with each track relating to a place or location and intends to take you from the shores of North East England to Los Angeles. Their latest track from the album is entirely evocative of the album’s intended nature. ‘Exiting Hyde Park Towers’ has that gradual rise and fall of the louder piano chords and tumbling percussion with Smith’s vocals slotting between each musical signpost for a gentle and sweeping feel that is enhanced by the fine strings linking the parts together. A song with subtle instrumental flexibility and vocal intricacy.

Single Review – School of Language – Between The Suburbs

School of Language is the solo project of Field Music’s David Brewis from Sunderland. He is following up the project’s 2008 debut Sea From Shore with Old Fears which is set for an April 7th release. ‘Between The Suburbs’ is one of the first tracks to be unveiled from the new album and a simple and smooth piece of electronica. The stop star nature of the percussion is built upon by the soft but lower toned falling of the synths. This is offset by the higher pitched vocals David provides and backing vocals of a similar elk. Despite this, it remains calm and cool in keeping with the instrumental feel of the song. For the most part the guitars provide an added texture and an underlying rhythm that are sometimes used to compliment the vocals by also rising above the prominent synth sounds. A simple song that is at ease with itself. Keep an eye out for the album in April.

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