Single Review – Django Django – First Light

London based art rockers from Edinburgh: Django Django return with a their first new material since their self titled debut from 2012. It was an album full of imaginative combinations of genres and sounds showcased though refrained and consistent production. Now they have provided us with a new track entitled ‘First Light’ off their upcoming untitled second album. It’s a track that so far heralds a progressive and tangible change in their sound. It’s a song with a slick drum machine beat and expansive synth sounds that give the song a pulsating rhythm. These more rooted instrumentals are balanced by the smooth vocals harmonies that were utilised so well with their first album, for they make the song more engaging whilst leaving the more expansive and fluid instrumentals untouched. They have discovered what aspects of their previous work would enhance their new sound and have married the two aspects seamlessly and it has already given them more scope to alter the dynamics of not only their this song but their album.