Single Review – Cigarettes After Sex – Each Time You Fall In Love

Five years since the release of the band’s first ambient shoe-gaze EP Cigarettes After Sex are due to release their debut self-titled full length on June 9, via Partisan Records. And if new single ‘Each Time You Fall In Love’ is anything to go by it’s sure to be a melancholy dreamy soundtrack to 2017. A hypnotic melody and spacious atmosphere unfurl as lead songwriter Greg Gonzalez’s lyrics paint a gloomy, heartbroken picture of unrequited romantic dreams. Within ‘Each Time You Fall In Love’ Love is never quite as perfect as you want it to be, reality never quite matching the mesmerising idea of it. As Gonzalez explains it is about: ‘how I was never able to find myself completely satisfied with any romance or love affair that I had been through. It was as if I was always on the lookout for something more.’

Hayley Miller

Single Review – St. Vincent – Bad Believer

St Vincent announces trio of UK shows for May

St Vincent comes off the back of making the best album of 2014 and a Grammy to only justify it further (she’s even been nominated for a BRIT which is a victory of recognition in itself) with an expanded deluxe edition of her self titled fourth LP. With it, you get a Darkside remix of ‘Digital Witness’ and four new tracks including ‘Bad Believer’ which she unveiled last week. The track opens with immediate and intense percussion, full of static screams before directing her smooth, yet edgy vocals through her trademark bursts of churning, tuneful guitar and into a chorus of peculiar marrying of vocals and meandering, yet melodic synths to compliment the peculiarity. The song then tails off into soft edged synths to a whisper from Annie Clark to set up for a burst back into the chorus. Not her strongest track over the last twelve months, but one that shows that she still had even more sitting in her back pocket.