Single Review – Sløtface – Nancy Drew

Norwegian Sløtface’s new single ‘Nancy Drew’ mixes grungy driving guitar chords and pummelling drums into a perfect punk track that bites back at mediocre music and patriarchal society. The band’s debut album ‘Try Not To Freak Out’ is due for release in September and is sure to be fuelled by an infectious amount of rock chords, electronica bass hooks, and feminist philosophy. Vocalist Haley Shea crafts a lyric like Debbie Harry standing shoulder to shoulder with Becca Macintyre, Jennifer Clavin, and The Runaways backed by the constant force of guitarist Tor-Arne Vikingstad, drummer Halvard Skeie Wiencke and bassist Lasse Lokøy. ‘Watch out she’s a nightmare, Nancy Drew, she’s sneaking up on you,’ Sløtface’s ‘Nancy Drew’ is a superhero, assassin re-imagining of the teen sleuth ready to fight the patriarchy with blistering guitars, what’s not to love. 

Haley Miller

Single Review – Jamie T – Zombie

Jamie T has revealed that his new album will be entitled Carry On The Grudge and that it will be released on September 29th. In addition to this, he’s also released a second track off the album with ‘Zombie’. Following up from the refined power of ‘Don’t You Mind’, this track is much more of a novel track for his new album. A Blur circa 1994 delivery with similar daft lyrics with a clear hook and simple harmonies, rhythms and melodies that swoop low into a swooning feigned reprise before swinging back into the song’s chorus. It’s undoubtedly a song for the gigs and festivals and will add a bit of light and shade to his album or just a bit of fun. It’s not fair to compare it to his first single from the album as it’s not meant to be. You’re not meant to remember this track for very long. but just jump about and sing along to it and it should complete that goal with ease.