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This Weeks Music Video with Jack White, Sigrid, Arcade Fire, U2, Rae Morris and Pale Waves

2017 Review – Best Newcomers

Our votes for Best Newcomers are as follows…

3. Declan McKenna (16.00%)

2. The Amazons (24.5%)

1. Sigrid (26.00%)

2017 Review – Best Vocalist

The votes for Best Vocalist are as follows…

3. Sigrid (15.38%)

2. James Mercer (19.23%)

1. Sampha (34.62%)

This Weeks Music Video with Björk, Green Day, Liam Gallagher, Franz Ferdinand, Sigrid, OK GO & Pale Waves

Single Review – Sigrid – Strangers

Sigrid Raabe has caught everyone’s attention this year with her fluent and adept vocals with a razor sharp quality that cuts through each track of simple, but spacious electro-pop. The Norwegian has released one Pop hit after another and has the ability to deliver these performances live as well as she did in Glastonbury. With an album surely the next destination, Sigrid has released a new song in ‘Strangers’. It typically shows off her vocal flexibility from the easy, smooth tones to the belting harmonies at the switch of tempo. Amongst the oscillating beats, she takes control of the hooks and melody with an intrepid beat the only thing accompanying her throughout. It is a masterclass in simple Pop music and you better get used to it, because Sigrid is here to stay. 

Owen Riddle

This Weeks Music Video with Jay-Z, Sigrid, Liam Gallagher, Dizzie Rascal and Japanese Breakfast