Single Review – Wilco – Someone To Lose

Jeff Tweedy and Wilco are accomplished in the broad genre that is “alternative”. With their mix of rough and tumble country and indie rock they have churned out strong successive albums. However, their best LP, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, which had both supremely smooth production and great song writing was way back in 2002. Yet, with hits like “heavy metal drummer” and “Jesus ect.” it would have been difficult to expect any band to continually reach those heights. Wilco have however, been consistent in creating good if not great songs since then.Their next album Schmilco may yet buck this trend. Their first single, “If I Ever Was A Child” felt a little too much like standard Wilco, as good as that is. It’s follow up, “Someone to Lose” has much more to it. With a more prominent bassline and the reintroduction of the type of guitar licks which featured on their previous Grammy nominated album Star Wars, as well as the way Tweedy’s voice mirrors the high pitched guitars makes this track a bit punchier. Still sticking to that laid back, more stripped back and easy listening groove, Wilco’s Schmilco looks more and more interesting.

Callum Christie