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Single Review – Maggie Rogers – Split Stones

With touches of electronics and R&B, Maggie Rogers new single ‘Split Stones’ wraps her melodic vocal around some pretty expansive samples. Which makes sense since many of the tracks interesting sounds were collected while Rogers was backpacking across Oregon during the summer of 2013. Combining technology and the natural environment, the track feels as invigorating as standing in the rain in a forest clearing. Though unfortunately for fans this track came with a note suggesting that while you can enjoy the new song it might be awhile until Rogers releases a follow-up; ‘This is me saying goodbye for a little while. Here’s to the end of the beginning and the start of everything else.’ With a chorus that’s the kind of uplifting that never seems forced, or in anyway conceited, but subtly empowering this is a hiatus track that is sure to keep fans longer for more; ‘If you could say all things you wanted to, if you couldn’t lie, if you would only move like you had something to lose.’

Hayley Miller