Single Review – The Raveonettes – This World is Empty (Without You)

Copenhagen’s finest duo of Lo-fi surf rock shoegazers; The Raveonettes are back with an intriguing prospect for what is in effect their eighth studio album in The Rave Sound of the Month Series. Their plan is to release an albums worth of material gradually at one new track each month with ‘This World is Empty (Without You)’ being their first. It is a track that sees the duo shift their emphasis away from the heavily distorted and washed out guitars they utilised in recent years and instead opt for a more resonant and vibrant electronic style. Their icy harmonies work just as well in this environment as they have ever done. The track is neatly packaged at under three minutes and still conveys the duos ability to convey loss and darkness through seamless pop harmonies. Drip feeding the album in such a way is also a smart move as it gives fans the assurance of a new track each month; almost a Raveonettes musical calendar. Be sure to mark down the month of February for this track for these quiet legends of 21st century music.


Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995