Sunday Suggestion – John & Yoko – Sunday Bloody Sunday


John Lennon was a man who always left a trail or controversy and debate in his wake on a personal and public level. One particular track depicting the events of Bloody Sunday in 1972 appears on his Sometime In New York City album of the same year. Though there had been many angry and vented statements of his previous two albums, this one makes a particular feature of Lennon’s frustrations and grievances of which the event of Bloody Sunday were one. Between plunging saxophone cries fits the blunt and low riding bass line and a cacophony of percussion from which John’s razor sharp guitar solos slice through. John’s vocals also do the same with the same aggressive yet tuneful snarl he’d developed over the last two albums, delivering his sharp message of the “Anglo Pigs and Scots sent to colonise the North” and “Leave Ireland to the Irish not for London or for Rome” amongst a song full of accusations and cries for anyone feeling British to live in Britain as he recounts the events of that fateful day. His support for the IRA fell off as they began to commit their own atrocities and as he believed that neither side was worth supporting above peace. Nevertheless this song is a great source for future generations at capturing the mood of the time and people’s opinions of the atrocities that day. Something rarely done these days.