Single Review – Wavves – Heavy Metal Detox

San Diego’s fuzzed up surf rockers Wavves, release another track off their forthcoming album V which is expected on October 2nd. Much like the previous single released from the album ‘Heavy Metal Detox’ is another track full of thrashing guitars played at a rapid pace with shouting vocals over the top. If you’re into a rehash of a dated and well worn late 90’s sound then again… this is for you. These tracks would probably sound a little better live but this is one album I’m not looking forward to.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

Single Review – Best Coast – California Nights

The finest generators of fuzz pop in California have announced their third studio album ‘California Nights’ and have released the title track this week as well. Best Coast have very much been proprietors of upbeat and optimistic surf-rock from their first two albums and whilst it wonderfully vibrant and light hearted, even with more tragic lyrical matter that their more ‘edgy’ counterparts Bleached and now ‘Ex Hex’ are offering up. Either way they need to offer up another perspective on their sound and it seems that ‘California Nights’ is the answer. The song has a completely spaced out riff and is minimalistic instrumentally on the whole with simple drum sections and light, solid riffs that carve a path through the subtle, yet vast expanses of the song. Nothing more is needed on the instrumental front due to the sweeping and far reaching vocals from Beth Cosentino who delivers almost a haunting vocal that extends just as far as the instrumental expanses. Even though her vocal ability is well known it’s a revelation in this track that is accentuated by the slight echo put upon it. ‘California Nights’ signals a more mature and considered approach from an already solid group as they begin to flex their creative muscles.

Gig Review – Alvvays and Moon King at Think Tank, Newcastle

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Alvvays took charge of the Think Tank in Newcastle last night for what was all in all a chilled out and swaying affair as the Nova Scotia via Toronto band dished out some melodic and at times swooning surf rock and pop. After setting up their own instruments and declaring that “we’ve already blew up one amp today” they hammered out an hour long set of tracks off their self titled 2014 debut LP. Naturally tracks like ‘Archie, Marry Me’ got the crowd swaying in contentment (myself included) and singing along with Molly’s wistful and sweeping vocals. These vocals really came into their own for the gracious and contemplative tracks like ‘Ones Who Love You’. After blasting out ‘Adult Diversion’ for an apt and catchy conclusion, they returned for an encore that included a new track and a warning about the hordes of clubbers massing below. Between tracks they were a picture of Canadian politeness talking of being happy to be playing in “their ancestral homeland” and bemoaning how “more people have heard of Nova Scotia in the U.K than in the U.S”. They were preceded by fellow Canadian four piece Moon King. They delivered a rough and distorted sound entwined with the vocal harmonies to counter act them. They did their set without any bass at all and with the lead guitarist occasionally moving down to the lower chords. All in all it was an intimate and relaxed gig with all the right amounts of sweet rhythms and melody as you’d expect. Oh and a belated happy birthday to Keyboardist Kerri, who’s birthday it was yesterday!