Single Review – The Orwells – Double Feature

The Chicago quintet The Orwells are to release their third studio album Terrible Human Beings on February 17th and though there will be a lot of hipster hype in their exclusive press circles, especially at this time of year when new releases dry up, it’s safe to assume they won’t deliver on that hype. It would be worth giving them a shot, but if the current single releases have taught us anything, it’s that they’re still a band of impersonators or an American Catfish and the Bottlemen. ‘Double Feature’ echoes this still with their current sound featuring Kings of Leon and The Strokes with some Grunge dressing. Not only this, but the transition between these familiar parts is awkward to boot. The lyrics offer us more ‘hot chicks’, fast cars and high school drama that is tiresome and may only find appeal amongst teenagers from Bath wanting to escape their British middle class nightmare and escape into this all American parody. 

Owen Riddle