Single Review – Catfish and the Bottlemen – Soundcheck


The band that has the accolade for one of the worst reviewed albums ever on this site (and we were comparatively kind) has returned with a new track from their upcoming second album ‘Soundcheck’. Catfish and the Bottlemen haven’t done much to hide the fact this song was released solely for promotion before the BRIT awards as they seek some form of recognition from their debut attempt The Balcony. This new single dropped the Razorlight copy aesthetic for a Stereophonics copy aesthetic with a more anthem-orientated style. The song does have a better sense of the variety of other rhythm sections and a better sense of production polishing too. This does little to distract from the distinct lack of substance that remains musically and lyrically. These lyrics delivered with Van McCann’s open snarls in the chorus. The smallest of minor improvements with this track.


Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

Single Review – Catfish And The Bottlemen – Cocoon

Someone obviously enjoys reading my rants about these guys so here I am again, to review their latest track ‘Cocoon’ from their upcoming album The Balcony. This time I hope they’ve stumbled across some originality, imagination or dynamism as opposed to every other piece of beige clad, guitar simplicity I’ve heard before. It opens in a typical mindless thrashing fashion plucked straight from 2001. It then goes on to go about a floating piece of Indie pop and then a Mumford-like tumble on the bridge section and then back into the lethargic predictability of a swooning Indie chorus with the cascading riffs and the sweeping backing vocals. To be fair this is the closest to any musical creativity they’ve ever came notwithstanding the blatant guitar solo and stomp-like finish. The only way I can see if this is enjoyable is if you’ve been in a cave on mars with your fingers in your ears since 1984. In desperation their PR have labelled them heroes of guitar music, but as far as I’m concerned they are it’s nemesis. Batting away any new ideas and showing guitar music to be plain and outdated so the sooner that tag is dropped the better.