Single Review – Anna Of The North -Baby


Norway’s Anna Of The North is quickly making a name for herself as a rising Pop commodity plying herself in the trade of ambient cheesy 80’s ballads and making the well worn sound her own. With ‘Baby’ this includes sweeping chords and bursts of electonica set around her quivering yet tuneful vocals. As a result the song is left as a smooth and cool affair. Get ready to hear a lot more from Anna in the very near future.

Owen Riddle

Single Review – Anna Of The North – The Dreamer

Anna Of The North is an alternative pop artist from Oslo, Norway and her new track ‘The Dreamer’ is out today with only a handful of tracks behind her. Washed out synths open the track and remain in the background as the beat arrives and more warped electronica grows from it. Her vocals are easy on the ear and fit in  perfectly with the hazy pop she is producing here. As the song progresses the beat is layered with tumbling drum samples and sharp, snappy percussion upon which this track ends. It transcends the divide between pop and alternative themes and she’s kept tem broad in this case to combine them so well. One to look out for in the future.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995

Single Review – Pooltheory – The Dreamer

‘The Dreamer’ is the debut track from Pooltheory and showcases what is a smooth and panoramic sounding track from with very little effort. The track opens with an open acoustic rhythm which expands outwards once the echoed vocals enter the fray. From this the track sweeps in waves as the music floats off into the distance. A anchor is applied to the track’s instrumentals with a simple drum sample and this only invites the instrumentals to grow and expand even further outwards in a richer fashion with what is a wonderfully produced track with a lot of relaxed energy and effortless sonic quality about it.