Single Review – The Escapists – What Are You Waiting For?

ESCAPISTS have come back to our ears with a new beauty ‘What Are You Waiting For?’ This guitar filled tune will have your eardrums tingling the band have gone with a more playful upbeat sound; the strong melody gets your head-nodding into full action. Also the distinctive vocal cuts through the melody guiding the stream of sound through your ears. They care very little for silence but with powerful guitars sounding this energetic and vocals this clean, it gives the track movement rather than a dull sound. ESCAPISTS have given us an absolute belter; this track will be a huge hit.

Heather Burlington @heaatherB

Single Review – The Escapists – Eat You Alive

‘Eat You Alive’ is the new track from Indie Rock quartet The Escapists from London and is out on July 20th with their single launch at The Finsbury in London the day after. It’s sweeping strings introduction is gradually phased out by the big, isolated rhythm guitar riffs and the sharp vocals of the chorus. It makes for a clear and direct song which is naturally melodic and catchy. If that’s how you like your music then give this track some serious consideration.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995