This Weeks Music Video with Arcade Fire, The Gorillaz, The Weeknd, MIA, Green Day, MØ and Royal Blood

This Weeks Music Video with Gorillaz, The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk, Weezer, Perfume Genius, The Shins and James Blake

Single Review – The Gorillaz – Hallelujah Money 

The Gorillaz are back! They are finally back! And with the Mercury Prize winning singer, pianist and songwriter Benjamin Clementine! It’s an anti-Trump song too! It has all of this going for it, yet, it doesn’t quite work. The eccentric beats and production that the Gorillaz are so well known for is on clear display throughout but it clashes with Clementine classical dramatic voice, especially through what is an ear-pricking first verse where his voice seems out of synch with the beats. The two diametric styles don’t quite mesh together and you wonder if the Gorillaz would have been better off slightly adapting their style to fit in with Clementine’s unique, yet amazing voice. On the brighter side, it does have a powerful chorus where Clementine’s vocals stretch out more and backing vocals echoes his sentiment of how money has been worshipped in the US election. Finishing with SpongeBob SquarePants screaming and we have our first track from the Gorillaz in six years. It’s not one of their best tracks it must be said (it’s not even the best anti-Trump song*) but they’re back and we all know better tracks will be on the way.

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*If you’re still wanting some more anti-Trump songs then give YG – FDT a listen here:


Callum Christie