Single Review – The Japanese House – 3/3

Amber Bain aka Japanese House release’s reflective third track ‘3/3’ from forthcoming EP ‘Saw You In A Dream’, set for release June 27th via Dirty Hit/Interscope. Following ‘Somebody You Found’ and title track ‘Saw You In A Dream’, with its simple but beautifully captivating video, ‘3/3’ paints the picture of losing yourself to the numbness of autopilot behaviour, despite being steeped in a disheartened air of indifference, ‘3/3’ is a gently soothing tale of fragility within an unsure relationship. Guitar chords are laced with sporadic synth to create a hazy, fluctuating wave of emotion within a tranquil atmosphere that sends you drifting into Bain’s subtle world of lucid dreaming sure to entrance her; Latitude, Lollapalooza and Reading and Leeds audiences. 
Hayley Miller

Single Review – The Japanese House – Saw You In A Dream

After supporting label mates The 1975 on their UK arena tour, following the release of 2016 EP ‘Swim Against The Tide’, Japanese House (aka Amber Bain) returned to the studio to begin work on her fourth EP, due for release June 16. And first taste ‘Saw You In A Dream’ suggests a return to the fuzzier sounds of her earlier releases. Not at all subtle in its heartbreaking lyric, the track features some somber subject matter as Bain describes a dream encounter with the visage of a passed friend. Though it would be wrong to say that this track is overly somber or depressing. Knife in the chest sadness is shielded by sleeping atmosphere Bain’s vocals creates. Grief is expertly mixed into a warm melody, supplied by simple instrumentation consisting of drifting guitars. With a song featured on ’13 Reasons Why’ and the anticipation of her latest releases as well as upcoming tour dates it seems Japanese House was one ‘BBC sound of’ nominee that they got right. 
Hayley Miller

EP Review – The Japanese House – Swim Against The Tide

“Swim Against The Tide” is a nice compilation of music by The Japanese House. The EP’s soft, well produced music is both relaxing and intriguing whilst listening. The opening song, “Swim Against The Tide” is a blissful and easy introduction to the EP and a nice doorway into the kind of music you can expect from the rest of the EP. The song is well-produced, with soft spoken lyrics that blend well with the track. A personal favourite is “Good Side in” a kind-of acoustic song with a good amount of production behind it, creating something fairly unique in the process that is an enjoyable listen. The Japanese House’s “Swim Against The Tide” EP is a relaxing and well thought out collection, one that you can easily enjoy on both a casual listen and a more engaged listen. Definitely worth checking out.

Matthew T. Johnston

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