Single Review – The Neighbourhood – Scary Love

The Neighborhood return with new single ‘Scary Love’ ahead of their forthcoming EP ‘To Imagine’ due Jan 12, 2018, via Columbia Records. As the title suggests, maintaining the band’s dark-indie feel this is a track with a slightly spooky atmosphere. Layers of warbled synths and touches of retro drum machines create a gentle eerie feel over Jesse Rutherford’s vocal during the verses. Though the track still manages to create a warm pop, almost Foster The People, feel within its beautiful chorus, as Rutherford’s vocal moves to the forefront: ‘Your love is scaring me, No one has cared for me as much as you do.’ This may not be the most enticing track The Neighbourhood have released to date but perhaps see’s them moving away from their typical sound towards something almost dance-able, if that’s not too scary a concept to imagine.

Hayley Miller

Single Review – The Neighbourhood – Prey

The Californian Indie quintet are close to releasing their second studio album with Wiped Out! on October 30th as a follow up to their debut I Love You from 2013. ‘Prey’ is one of the final singles released from the album before it’s available and it provides safe and simple Indie rock with a little bit of production edge. Loose riffs and tambourines are the order of the day before developing into a track which tumbles back and forth via the cascading percussion. The whole song has a slight distortion filtered upon it and this combined with the aforementioned aspects do little to set this song out from the Indie crowd. It is a sound that The Black Keys had down back in 2010 with a bit more of energy. This track is inoffensive Indie Rock epitomised.

Owen Riddle @oriddleo1995