This Weeks Music Video

This Weeks Music Video. – This Weeks music videos from Daft Punk feat. Julian Casablancas with Instant Crush, Best Coast wit This Lonely Morning, Maximo Park with Leave This Island and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds with Higgs Boson Blues

Single Review – Best Coast – This Lonely Morning

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Best Coast’s Fade Away EP or ‘mini album’ as just a simple piece of crystallised Californian soft rock. No real innovation. No real challenges, but sure fire hooks, melodies and chord progressions with the lovesick and at times saddened lyrics through a cheery, sunny tone and outlook. ‘I Don’t Know’ was certainly a product of all this and was a great late summer anthem in that sense. ‘This Lonely Morning’ includes less dramatics and less of an instant appeal but the songs structure of the stuttered rise and fall of rhythm section and the bass provides a simple and perhaps less obvious hook to it. Beth’s voice is very wholesome and can fill a lot of space while leaving enough echo to give a slight chance for the other elements to blend in with her voice. The lead guitar riffs exploit the rise and fall structure well for an added kick and its certainly a song that grows on you rather than smacks you in the face like ‘I Don’t Know How’. I can’t really fault it for much else.

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