Single Review – Thomas Cohen – Honeymoon

For those who want to know about Peaches Geldof I’d just like to inform you that you’re in the wrong place. I’m not running a gossip magazine filled with fake and bizarre stories. This is a music blog. I’m going to talk about Thomas Cohen who after announcing S.C.U.M’s split after a hiatus earlier this year; has now announced details of his first solo material with the track ‘Honeymoons’. It sort of takes on the form of a late 80’s ballad that has been slowed down and had its sound stretched out and expanded. The simple riffs drift away as does his vocal which still maintains it’s sort of high toned yet slightly gravely quality. The six minute song flows excellently between verse, chorus, instrumental and back due to the dragged out yet lingering sound created by the extensive echo of each element. The bass line ties down the song a bit or just gives it a type of concealed rhythm and groove that brings together the wondering sounds. If we compare it to Astral Pattern then I’d say its a relative stalemate. Though I did enjoy Astral Pattern’s ‘Faraway’ more due to how they achieved an expanded and growing sound but managed to maintain an obvious focus to it with the use of synths plugging the melody. But having said that, Thomas achieves what he sets out to do with ease and his solo work will probably just go on improving.

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