Single Review – Tremors – Scar

Tremors debut single ‘Scar’ mixes stark synth and themes of heartbreak in a way that feels reminiscent of tear-inducing iconic 80’s tracks like Yazoo’s ‘Only You’. Taken from the band’s forthcoming debut EP, ‘Scar’ see’s Patrick’s drums and synth building into an addictive percussion, while lead vocalist Johnny sinks the track’s lyrics into Brandon Flowers territory in places, as introverted self-despair twists into the sharpened remnants of a broken heart; ‘You know the damage it would do to see you with another man.’

Hayley Miller

Single Review – SOHN – Signals

SOHN is the stage name of London born and Vienna based producer Christopher Taylor. He is one of our most talented producers and musicians with Kwabs bringing him in to produce his brilliant debut album with Lana Del Rey and BANKS just a few others who have requested his services. His new single ‘Signals’ comes two years after his debut album Tremors and offers up a clear, yet natural progression to his sound. Spaced out and resonant synth chords chime gently across the track and its steady percussion. Chris’ vocals calmly sweep in to the setting with pitch shifted backing vocals providing a haunting backdrop. These gentle elements come to a colourful and bold fruition with greater volume and freedom from the initial arrangement into bursts of sound. It is a stylish and effortlessly delivered track which is now becoming the norm for SOHN.

Owen Riddle