Single Review – Django Django – In Your Beat

From the moment you press play on Django Django’s new single In Your Beat, you enter a labyrinth of psychedelic pop euphoria. Carried by lurching waves of synths galore and video-game-esque touches, the latest single taken from their third album – Marble Skies – is packed with incessant, aggressive eighties notions. The lyrics become part of the instrumentalism, with Vincent Neff’s mechanical vocals blending into the techno backing track. It’s an electronica overload – one which fans of the four-piece’s past tracks, despite still being as eccentric but more compliant with rock stereotypes, may grapple with.

Ellie Chivers

Sunday Suggestion – Django Django – Waveforms

The aim of Sunday Suggestion is to suggest a song to you; new or old on a Sunday… yeah that’s about the size of it really! For my first suggestion I thought I’d go with something from Edinburgh’s Django Django. Their 2012 album of the same name was a real feat of modern art-rock and psychedelic electronic music. Apart from this their vocal harmonies and vocal repetitions and their utilisation of a simple beat and rhythm to maximum effect enhanced their music even more. All of this is encapsulated quite well with ‘Waveforms’. It was their first single release off their debut album. The whirring and melodic combination of synths and the subtle guitar and percussion elements show that less can be more and that utilising your vocals can pay off a lot better than you think. You’ll find this song on GTA IV too, for those of you who play it. Not sure how the song sounds when brutally murdering someone in a gangwar but hey there you go!

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