Single Review – Vaults – Cry No More

The new track from Vaults sees them maintaining the spacious, minimalistic tones and atmospherics of their 2014 EP Vultures that are strung finely together by light chiming rhythms. It’s from this subtle percussive base that they hammer home the churning electronica through pronounced beats and rhythms along with a greater vocal surge. It’s a track that doesn’t stray too far from what they’ve done so far, but at this stage of their careers they want to be backing up their sound and they’re certainly doing that.

Video Review – Vultures – Vlad

Sounding very much like Maximo Park’s song ‘Hips and Lips’ from their album ‘National Health’, the sound of violins and general strings sharply begin the track, shrill sounding yet not unpleasant. Spooky. Shortly followed by the deadpan vocals, a serious tone, adding to the sinister tune.

This spooky song is only added to by the amazing music video… mix a group of strange looking monsters with a lesson on how to make a pizza and you’ve got yourself a terrifying experience, although a very instructive one. … But the monsters… well, they definitely add something to the spooky sound of this song, especially the blue one with the strange and yellow, spikey Mohican, with a very fluffy, blue feather boa.

If you want to hear more, this band has a couple of EP’s out at the moment, and also has an album somewhere hiding in development, which should materialise sometime next year. Watch out for them, and enjoy this spooky tune!

Written by Louisa Pennell