Single Review -AURORA – Warrior

On the surface, AURORA’s latest single, Warrior, seems to be a display of the effortlessly wistful voice of an innocent nineteen-year-old; a voice to guide listeners through a labyrinth of subtle synthesisers paired with twinkly riffs and alluring harmonies. Yet if you’re to believe this to be the only statement made, you’d be wrong. Warrior’s most abundant strength is its use of delicate layers – AURORA’s enchanting vocals, simmering electronic phrases and raging drum sequences – that build to form a mature, empowering battle cry that demonstrates a personal quest to find contentment in an undesirable reality. AURORA mentions she is stood “behind a wall of people and thoughts, mind control” – a possible attack against the media’s impact and an eloquent message portrayed by this rising power. The structure is fairly standard, with the most sound changes being the shift in dynamics as the verse glides neatly into the chorus. It may not be the most ground-breaking single, however the elusive tones in the verses in competition with the impassioned, rich choruses make in an interesting listen.

Eleanor Chivers

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