Single Review – Marika Hackman – Cigarette

Cigarette’ new single from British singer-songwriter Marika Hackman is, coincidentally enough, an awkwardly gentle smoulder. The third single released from Hackman’s second album ‘I’m Not Your Man’ June 2nd, see’s Hackman revert a little back to the tenderly fragile intensity of her 2015 debut, ‘We Slept At Last’. Lyrically ‘Cigarette’ continues Hackman’s themes of female relationships, romance, and breakdowns. Hackman’s delicate acoustic guitar plucking and direct yet sparse emotional phrases create a heartfelt awkwardness that encapsulates the tension between two people as they argue in a car-park: ‘Turn to the headlight glare, cry and pretend you care, I love it when we make a scene.’ Recently announcing a co-headline US tour with The Big Moon Hackman will also be performing UK dates with her newly formed live band. 

Hayley Miller

Single Review – Marika Hackman – Boyfriend 

Marika Hackman returns with what is seemingly the follow up material from her debut 2015 album We Slept At Last. It was a solid if not spectacular debut with subtle Indie tracks across the album. Her new track sees Marika take her sound down the path of a natural evolution with similar loose riffs, but at a higher volume and with a distorted guitar part to supplement it. Her lyrics are sharper as they tell of interruptions from particularly meatheaded guys who want to join in whilst she’s kissing someone. These lyrics go hand in hand with the more charged sound whilst her vocals still gently idle from one line to another albeit it with a greater projection. Certainly an interesting development from an artist with much potential.

Owen Riddle