Single Review – Young Fathers – In My View

Edinburgh’s vibrant and creative force is born out in the city’s trio Young Fathers. 2015 saw them enthuse listless elements and genres together from Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Art Rock, Electronica and more to create White Men Are Black Men Too. They proved themselves to be a thought-provoking group with bold, outward messages based on a simple, but by no means unimpressive songwriting style. They had already teased their approach for their second effort Cocoa Sugar with 2017’s ‘Only God Knows’ and with their new single ‘In My View’ they demonstrate this to be a more expansive arrangement coupled with a crisp arrangement. Scattered percussion paces with drive at the heart of the track with vocal instrumentation accentuated each beat. Such a prominent rhythm accommodates the three separate vocal parts from each member for a fine balance powerful lead vocals and the darker tones of spoken words. Yet again, they bend and marry genres and styles to their will naturally for what is an immaculate piece of music you won’t hear the like of this year.

Owen Riddle