Single Review – Laura Marling – Wild Fire

Building up to the March release of sixth studio album Semper Femina, Laura Marling shared her second insightful single Wild Fire: a layered tale encompassing surficial notes of relationship expectations with blurred discussions of appearance. Beginning as an earthy stream of consciousness, the track is conversational – almost therapeutic – in the way Marling deciphers the love interest’s issues, adding a comfort that is assisted by a simplistic, warm acoustic backing. Soon, what appears to be assurance for the song’s muse blossoms to become a therapy session for its narrator. Marling sings of the woman writing a book, only having interest in what she writes about “the time spent with me”, dying to know how her character comes across. The lyrics meander between the turbulence the song’s prime subject faces, but also Marling’s own, and, strangely, in this mismatch of issues, a balance is formed. The two sides prop each other up, and the prevailing atmosphere of authentic friendship blooms. This folky exploration of what is typically Laura Marling is heartfelt both lyrically and instrumentally.

Eleanor Chivers