Single Review – Beck – Dear Life

In a career spanning over 30 years, Beck has already explored a kaleidoscope of different styles and genres. With the release of Dear Life, however, the upcoming album Colors points to an album more animated than those of days past. With a jovial piano – which has rightfully been compared to Beatles numbers – to carry the upbeat, sometimes awkward lyric choices, Beck delivers a vivid yet chilled pop delight. The track is somewhere in between the cheeky and thumping Wow, and Morning Phase’s restrained and somewhat solemn embellishments; this more relaxed take on pop fits better with Beck’s earthy vocals and is a truly summery and wholesome accomplishment. 

Eleanor Chivers

This Weeks Music Video with Beck, Green Day, Kings of Leon, The Kills, Sampha and Chromatics 

Single Review – Beck – Wow

Beck is an artist who can seemingly take on any musical task and after following on from the sombre and wistful melancholy of the Grammy award winning Morning Phase, he has went on to produce a fine piece of Plastic Pop last year with the single ‘Dreams’ and this has been followed by his latest single ‘Wow’. Stating his intention to originally feature Chance the Rapper on the track, ‘Wow’ is a track full of drum and fill samples, modulated vocals, Beck reliving his rapping prowess and nonsense lyrics that make sense in some bizarre way. It is demonstrative of Beck’s huge production talent and the sheer diversity of his musical arsenal, if there was any doubt. The track is said to be from an upcoming album but so far no details have been released.

Owen Riddle