Single Review – Julian Casablancas and The Voidz – Human Sadness

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz | photo via
After what has seemed like an eternity, we finally have something solid from Julian Casablancas and The Voidz. We now have an album title in Tyranny and a release date of September 23rd. On top of this, there is now a track listing of twelve songs with titles such as ‘Xerox’, ‘Nintendo Blood’, ‘Crunch Punch’ and ‘Human Sadness’, which is today’s release. It is the most un-Julian track you could imagine at eleven minutes long and opens with strings that are set aside Julian’s more harmonious yet distorted vocal. It is joined by heavy jumps sample driven jolts and high voltage lead guitars that are layered over the steady rotating riff rhythms. The song then begins to take hard base punches as the vocals rise in volume conclude a controlled chaos sort of opening as it filters down into a reverberating and distant sound with Julian’s vocal before launching to immediacy and standing to attention as light hits the elements to show a mix of Julian’s vocals clashing with the wiry and the distorted guitar parts, along with the grinding beats behind it. It goes to lead into another electrified riff of high charge and into a bass driven interlude with Julian’s more traditional ‘early Strokes’ type of vocal and even with a hint of pop melody before yet anther change as the song’s riffs grow darker and heaver before fading off in an electronic ballad-like fashion and to a sweeping conclusion, as if the end of a play or some form of theatrical event. It’s pretty exhaustive listening to the track for the first time, never mind trying to make a cohesive description of it. Experimental has been the word used to save people some time as it’s hard to create a sub genre with enough dashes to make sense. My only advice would be to judge for yourself!