EP Review – Digitalism feat Youngblood Hawke – Wolves

Digitalism are a German dance and synthpop duo from Hamburg, consisting of Jens “Jence” Moelle and İsmail “Isi” Tüfekçi. They’ve been around for a decade now and return with an EP entitled Wolves which features Youngblood Hawke who are an indie pop ground from California. The EP is various remixes of the title track with the radio edit taking the lead on the track listing. It opens with nudging synths in the background and a clasping and crisp pop beat. All this along with the soaring synths are pretty standard dance pop fodder, as is the collective vocals. The stripped back instrumental sections with distant but ever closing synths are nothing too new either. Having said that it’s just a fun dance track and what you see is what you get. By no means profound but probably not the worst thing you’ll hear this year by a long shot. If anything the minimalism of the RAC remix, which is the following track; is a more fluid and less clumsy version of the main track.